2024 Fantasy Baseball: Top 150 rankings for Dynasty leagues, complete with value rating system

Dynasty leagues are perceived as being all about the long haul, and while that’s certainly part of the equation, the goal, ultimately, is to win a championship. Older, more established players can help with that, particularly if they’re sliding down draft boards in favor of younger, less proven players.

So how do you weigh these two competing factors? That’s what these rankings are intended to demonstrate. And actually, there’s a third factor to consider. Whether you’re talking about a player’s short-term or long-term value, you’re talking about something that hasn’t happened yet, so just as important as how good he should be or could be is how certain you are of it. To develop these rankings, then, I’ve assigned each player a score (with one being the lowest and five the highest) across the three different factors:

  1. Present value: What a player is expected to be in 2024
  2. Future value: What his peak looks like and how much peak he has left
  3. Confidence rating: How confident I am in him meeting his present and future value

Add the three numbers, adjust for age and preference, and lo and behold, rankings.

Of course, the value of a player to you in Dynasty largely depends on where you are in the contention/rebuild cycle, to the extent you believe in such things, so even if you can’t see yourself drafting in strict adherence to this list, it might have value to you as a trade guide. In fact, I’d say that’s its primary use in longstanding Dynasty leagues.

Top 150 for dynasty leagues

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