'3 Body Problem' Is a Tech-Heavy Head Trip

Michael Calore: OK Kate, as our guest, what’s your recommendation this week?

Kate Knibbs: Actually, I’m going to recommend another sci-fi series that’s a book adaptation and I wrote about it when I came out last year, which is Silo on Apple+. It’s adapted from Hugh Howey’s Wool book series. One of them is called Silo, which the books are great too. The show is fantastic, and I feel like it got buried in Apple TV… Is it Apple TV+ or Apple TV?

Michael Calore: Apple TV+.

Lauren Goode: Apple TV+. Yeah. Just add a plus to everything now if they’re charging you $9 a month or more for it, it’s just plus.

Kate Knibbs: Yeah, Apple TV+ has this little collection of prestige sci-fi, and a lot of it’s really well done, and it’s just not taking off. I think it deserves to, and Silo is so good, and I think people should watch that too.

Michael Calore: Awesome. And so it came out last year. Are they doing another season soon or?

Kate Knibbs: I don’t know. There’s lots of material that they could be working from. I hope they’re doing another season if they don’t, though it definitely stands alone as a miniseries, and it’s about people who live in this underground silo sometime in the future, and things are not what they appear, and it’s excellent. Yeah, heartily recommend.

Lauren Goode: I hear that if you get an Apple Vision Pro and you put it on your face, Tim Cook appears and tells you what their next season’s lineup is going to be.

Michael Calore: There’s Apple products in all of the Apple TV plus shows, right? They use their streaming channel as a way to show off how good their products are.

Lauren Goode: Yeah, they’re never using Signal. They’re always like bloop and blue messages when they message people in the program.

Michael Calore: I’m sorry. It’s very annoying. It’s very annoying to imagine a world where three quarters of the planet is not using Android. Kate, what’s the status of Apple devices in the near future on Silo?

Kate Knibbs: I don’t think they have any, but that’s because they’ve been in the Silo for a really long time I think. I am not sure about the exact timeline, but I think they went in the Silo before Tim even took the reins. They might’ve been down there… I don’t know. They have really old school 90s desktops in silo. There’s no blue bubbles to worry about.

Michael Calore: Are they Mac clones?

Kate Knibbs: I don’t know.

Michael Calore: Are they Motorola Mac clones? That’d be amazing.

Kate Knibbs: I’ll have to rewatch and take a look at the gadgetry.

Michael Calore: I’ll watch it. Thank you for the recommendation. Lauren, what is your recommendation?

Lauren Goode: Despite my throwing shade at you earlier for binge-watching, mine is a binge-watch, and there’s a little story behind this that’s related to 3 Body Problem. So listeners should know that Netflix gave us all early access to 3 Body Problem, and we had to log into our Netflix accounts and enter a pin code because we had to be approved to get these digital screeners. And over the weekend, I went to go watch 3 Body Problem and realized I didn’t have the pin code. So I emailed Netflix on a Sunday and just was like, “Hey, I am really sorry, but I don’t think I have this pin code, and so I can’t watch this.” It took them all of four minutes to get back to me.

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