All Bitcoin investors ‘now in profit’: Has El Salvador gained the most?

In the booming cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin [BTC] shines, with analysts predicting more milestones. Inasmuch, Binance [BNB], via an X (formerly Twitter) post, revealed that all Bitcoin investors had profited. 

“Every person who has ever bought Bitcoin is now in profit.” 

Countries like El Salvador, which boldly embraced Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, are among those celebrating substantial returns on their investment.

Dream come true for El Salvador

Just two weeks ago, amidst Bitcoin’s price hovering around $60,000, President Bukele unequivocally stated that the country had no plans to sell its Bitcoin holdings. 

However, observing the coin flip, given El Salvador’s current profit margin, CryptoRover commented,

“El Salvador is now in a $83m profit on their Bitcoin investment strategy!”

This highlighted that the nation’s profit margin has soared even higher, reaching an impressive 62%. 

Highlighting his steadfast belief in Bitcoin’s intrinsic value, President Nayib Bukele, added, 

“BTC revenue from our passport program. Revenue from converting BTC to USD for local businesses. BTC from mining. BTC revenue from government services.”

With his tweet, Bukele outlined that converting the treasury’s substantial holdings to fiat currency would translate to over $204.4 million at the current market valuation.

Additionally, venture capitalist Tim Draper, in a recent interview on the Web3 Deep Dive channel, offered insights into Bitcoin, crypto politics, and El Salvador’s burgeoning relationship with the cryptocurrency.

He envisioned, 

“El Salvador will probably be the most attractive country in the world, gone from the poorest most crime-ridden country to maybe one of the richest most.”

Investor’s election fears 

Draper further commented on the resistance to crypto adoption, attributing it to a fear of change and a desire for control. Taking a subtle jab at the US, he emphasized,

“I think we are a country of innovators and pioneers. I think we want to keep being a country of innovators and pioneers.”

Despite recent milestones such as the SEC’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, Tim Draper emphasizes the persistent challenges of regulatory uncertainty, particularly in the US. 

Amidst scrutiny, the Biden administration’s cryptocurrency regulations are under close observation. Thus, as the US elections approach, investors are vigilant about the cryptocurrency policies of presidential candidates.

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