Amazon Braket launches Braket Direct, a program to dive deeper into quantum computing

Amazon Braket launches Braket Direct, a new program expanding how you can explore quantum computing on AWS, accelerating research and innovation. You can now reserve dedicated capacity on various quantum devices, engage directly with quantum computing specialists, and have early access to next-generation capabilities, including the latest trapped-ion device from IonQ, Forte — publicly available for the first time on AWS.

Until today, Braket has provided shared access to quantum processing units (QPUs) through public availability windows, charging only for what you use. Now, in addition to on-demand access, you can also reserve full capacity for dedicated use with no queues or wait times, only paying for the reservation’s duration. Braket Direct offers the convenience of reserving QPU capacity for your longest running, lowest latency, or most time-sensitive workloads, and the predictability to support live training events and demos. Additionally, you can attend free office hours hosted by Braket specialists, or engage one-on-one for hands-on support before your reservation. For deeper collaborations, you can connect directly with Braket’s quantum hardware providers, or our specialist team, the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab. Finally, you can request access to cutting-edge features such as new QPUs with limited availability, starting with the IonQ Forte device.

Braket Direct is available starting today in all AWS Regions where Braket is available. The IonQ Forte device is available only via Braket Direct reservations in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. To get started, see the following resources:

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