Amazon CloudFront announces CloudFront KeyValueStore, a globally managed key value datastore

Amazon CloudFront announces general availability of CloudFront KeyValueStore, a global, low-latency, key value datastore. KeyValueStore allows you to retrieve key value data from within CloudFront Functions making functions more customizable by allowing independent data updates. The key value data is available across all CloudFront edge locations and provides a highly efficient, in-memory, key-value store with fast reads from within CloudFront Functions. With KeyValueStore you can now implement lookup use cases such as feature flags, A/B testing, and storing environment variables with low latency.

CloudFront KeyValueStore is designed to easily scale to handle millions of requests per second without the need to scale up storage resources. You can create CloudFront KeyValueStore resources in the CloudFront console or using the CloudFront API/CLI. As part of this launch, CloudFront is also introducing a new runtime for CloudFront Functions, called cloudfront-js-2.0, which is required to enable KeyValueStore. This new runtime includes several JavaScript ES6 features such as support for async and await to allow asynchronous operations in your code.

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