Amazon FSx for OpenZFS now supports on-demand data replication across file systems

Today, AWS announces on-demand data replication for Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, enabling you to easily and efficiently transfer incremental point-in-time snapshots of your volumes between file systems. On-demand data replication provides a simple and resilient way to replicate production data in a separate file system for development, experimentation, and analytics workloads.

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides fully managed, cost-effective, shared file storage powered by the popular OpenZFS file system, with rich OpenZFS-powered data management capabilities like snapshots, data cloning, and compression, as well as sub-millisecond latencies and up to 10 GB/s of throughput. Previously, you could use snapshots to replicate volumes within a file system, making it quick and easy to test new changes to your data and applications. Now, you can also replicate volumes across file systems, enabling full isolation of production and development workloads, so developers or analysts can work with production data without impacting the production environment.

You can replicate volumes across file systems in the same account and region in all regions where FSx for OpenZFS is available. There is no charge for on-demand data replication, but you will pay standard AWS data transfer charges when you replicate across availability zones from or to a Single-AZ file system.

For more information on how to use on-demand replication with your FSx for OpenZFS file systems, see the Amazon FSx documentation.

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