Amazon Redshift announces general availability of row-level security enhancements

Amazon Redshift now supports CONJUNCTION TYPE support for you row-level security (RLS) policies and RLS support on standard views and late binding views, which enables you to apply granular access controls and ensure that users only can access rows that they are authorized to see, even when the underlying data evolves or user permissions change. 

RLS support on standard views and late binding views applies to both local and remote data, and RLS support on late binding views now encompasses granular access control for objects received through data sharing and those that reference external data. For instance, as a consumer in data sharing, you have the ability to construct late binding views atop the tables shared with you and attach RLS policies to these views. Similarly, you can establish late binding views on external tables and attach RLS policies for them. Consequently, when your users execute queries on these late binding views, they will only see the subset of data they are authorized to view. CONJUNCTION TYPE allows you to combine multiple RLS policies with either AND or OR operation at table level, you can configure CONJUNCTION TYPE with ALTER TABLE command. 

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