Amazon Redshift now supports metadata security to simplify multi-tenant applications

Amazon Redshift now supports metadata security that enables administrators to restrict the visibility on their catalog data based on user roles and permissions. Users can now see only the metadata for databases, schema, and tables/views that they have access to. It enables customers to deploy multi-tenant applications on a provisioned cluster or Serverless namespace. 

You can enable metadata security for your provisioned or serverless data warehouses by running a simple “ALTER SYSTEM set METADATA_SECURITY=true” command. You can leverage this feature using native or third-party tools that leverage JDBC/ODBC/Python drivers or the Redshift Data API.

Metadata security is now available in all AWS commercial and US Gov Cloud regions. This feature is now available in all Amazon Web Services (AWS) commercial regions where Amazon Redshift is available. You can learn more about this feature from the Redshift management guide.

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