Announcing custom blueprints for Amazon CodeCatalyst

Today, AWS announces support for custom blueprints in Amazon CodeCatalyst, giving teams the ability to define best practices for application code, workflows, and infrastructure. Customers can publish custom blueprints to their CodeCatalyst space and use them to create CodeCatalyst projects, or use a blueprint to apply standards to existing CodeCatalyst projects. CodeCatalyst custom blueprints are available to all Enterprise tier spaces.

Custom blueprints can be used to define various aspects of a CodeCatalyst project, such as workflow definitions and application code. After a custom blueprint is used to create new projects or applied to existing projects, any changes to the blueprint are available to those projects as pull request updates. This helps reduce the overhead in setting up projects, and keeps best practices up to date across projects. Space administrators and Power users can also view details about which projects are using blueprints throughout their CodeCatalyst space, giving them visibility into how standards are being applied across their projects.

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