Announcing feature development capability of Amazon Q (Preview) in Amazon CodeCatalyst

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Amazon Q’s feature development capability in preview, in Amazon CodeCatalyst. With this new capability, developers can assign a CodeCatalyst issue to Amazon Q, and Q performs the heavy lifting of converting a human prompt to an actionable plan, then completes code changes and a pull request that is assigned to the requester. Q will then monitor any associated workflows and attempt to correct any issues. The user can preview code changes and merge the pull request. Development teams can utilize this new capability as an end-to-end, streamlined experience within Amazon CodeCatalyst, without having to enter the IDE.

This new capability enables teams using CodeCatalyst to scale with AI to assist developers in completing everyday software development tasks. Developers can now go from an idea in an issue to a fully tested, merge-ready, running application code with natural language inputs in just a few clicks.

This new feature development capability of Amazon Q within CodeCatalyst is available in US West (Oregon) Region. To learn more, read our deep-dive blog on the capability, visit the Amazon CodeCatalyst webpage.

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