Announcing new enhancements to Amazon CodeWhisperer

Today, AWS announces new updates to Amazon CodeWhisperer, including support for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), AI-powered code remediation, and expanded language support for security scanning, all generally available. CodeWhisperer is also now available in Visual Studio, in preview. These updates help to enable faster and more efficient software development by offloading undifferentiated work and delivering more automation, security, efficiency, and accelerated code delivery for customers, and provides this support in more places where developers love to work.

Developers can now receive suggestions and completion in AWS CloudFormation (YAML, JSON), AWS CDK (TypeScript, Python), and HashiCorp Terraform (HCL), enabling developers to author IaC automation faster and more accurately. Get the benefits of CodeWhisperer when writing your infrastructure definitions with your favorite IaC tools.

Since launch, Amazon CodeWhisperer has identified hard-to-find security vulnerabilities with built-in security scans, and now provides code suggestions to help remediate identified security and code quality issues. Built-in security scanning is designed to detect issues such as exposed credentials and log injection. Now, generative AI-powered code suggestions help to remediate the identified vulnerabilities, and are tailored to your application code so that you can quickly accept fixes with confidence. Security scanning is available for Java, Python, JavaScript, and now available for TypeScript, C#, AWS CloudFormation (YAML, JSON), AWS CDK (TypeScript, Python), and HashiCorp Terraform (HCL). Code suggestions to remediate vulnerabilities are currently available for code written in Java, Python, and JavaScript.

Amazon CodeWhisperer is now available in Visual Studio 2022. Developers can build applications faster with real-time code suggestions for C#.

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