Automotive Fleet’s Top 10 Articles in 2023

The top 10 articles on Automotive Fleet in 2023 show fleet managers read more about spec’ing, electrification, ChatGPT, and industry trends.

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Automotive Fleet’s top-performing 2023 feature articles resonated with fleet managers due to their relevance and the value they provided. As 2023 comes to an end, Automotive Fleet found fleet managers were interested in spec’ing, the impact of parts shortages, electrification, and ChatGPT.

Our subject-matter-expert-written articles focus on the latest trends, resources, and topics that matter most to automotive fleet managers.

Top 10 Automotive Fleet Articles

The following are the most-read Automotive Fleet articles in 2023 (as of December 19, 2023):

  1. When Cargo Vans Aren’t Available, Spec’ing Gets Creative – With the lack of commercial van availability, it was time for fleets to get creative on new vehicle types and upfit options to do the same job.
  2. Safety Systems May Cause ‘Phantom Braking’ – While automakers continue to improve the reliability and performance of automatic emergency braking systems, issues can still occur, such as sudden, unexpected vehicle deceleration or braking.
  3. Parts Shortages Trigger Spike in Vehicle Downtime – Two years of scant automotive replacement parts supplies have heightened fleet downtime and increased fleet maintenance expenses.
  4. How Fleet Optimization Drives Higher ROI in Transition to EVs – Running a simulation that inputs fleets’ vehicle types, routes, and duty cycles can show which ICE vehicles are better candidates for electrification.
  5. 15 Fleet Leaders Nominated for the 2023 Edward J. Bobit Fleet Manager of the Year – A distinguished group of 15 fleet management leaders were nominated for the 2023 Edward J. Bobit Fleet Manager of the Year award. Find out the winner here.
  6. 2023 Fleet Hall of Fame Nominations Announced – Three new members of the Fleet Hall of Fame were selected this year from a field of 11. Read more about them here.
  7. How a Fleet-as-a-Service Model Will Propel Electrification – Zeem Solution’s first commercial electric vehicle hub allows fleets to start running EVs today. The founders’ path to the current business model and their efforts to lay the groundwork for charging infrastructure reveal how massive and complex electrifying fleets will be.
  8. What Can Fleets Do with ChatGPT? – In this experiment, ChatGPT was used to plan a delivery route with a series of variables that were updated via a conversation with the program. However, information inputted into the program is part of the public domain, bringing privacy issues for fleets to the fore.
  9. Understanding Utilities’ Make-Ready Programs for Fleets – Make-ready programs cover a percentage of the electrical infrastructure and grid upgrades necessary to make a site ready for EV charging. Fleets should be engaging with their utilities to ensure that make-ready programs do the most they can to further fleet electrification.
  10. Top 15 Fleet Trends Impacting Commercial Fleets – We highlighted the top 15 trends impacting the commercial fleet market based on feedback from fleet managers and suppliers.

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