AWS AppSync improves support for Amazon Aurora clusters configured with the RDS Data API

AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that allows customers to connect applications to data and events. With AppSync GraphQL APIs, customers can create an API that connects to multiple data sources like microservice APIs, relational databases, and NoSQL databases. Applications can then retrieve data from different sources with a single efficient request.

When building APIs for existing databases, developers typically have to build an interface that accurately represents their tables. This is a time consuming and error-prone process. AppSync now makes it easier for customers to create GraphQL APIs based on the the tables of their existing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases running on Amazon Aurora clusters configured with the Data API. AppSync solves this problem by introspecting databases, and generating matching GraphQL types for discovered tables. When working in the AppSync console, customers can build a schema from their database, and generate the resolvers that implement the required database access logic. In a few steps, customers can create a fully operational API that can use all of AppSync’s features like multiple authorization modes, caching, and real-time notifications with GraphQL subscriptions.

In addition, AppSync now has utilities that makes it easy to write SQL in JavaScript resolvers, and removes the need for additional compute. A new SQL tagged template is available to write static SQL statements that securely accepts dynamic values at run time. New utility functions are also available to build “select”, “insert”, “update”, “delete” statements dynamically. 

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