AWS Supply Chain releases Work Order Insights

AWS Supply Chain now offers Work Order Insights to provide order level visibility of maintenance related materials from sourcing to delivery and making it easier for customers to execute planned maintenance and repairs.

Customers in maintenance, procurement and logistics can use Work Order Insights to gain an end to end view of work order material level progress, including delivery date predictions, work order delivery risks, and recommendations to mitigate the risks. As a result, they can reduce material expedites, reduce material inventory buffers, and reduce equipment downtime.

These benefits are enabled by providing:

  1. Full control of the work order material tracking granularity. This includes definition and an end-to-end view of the process sequence from purchasing through delivery. One such process sequence can include purchase requisition, request for quote, purchase order, in-transit, inbound quality inspection, staging, pick, pack, and ship to work order site.
  2. Forecasting the completion dates of material progression through each of the remaining processes until delivery.
  3. Tracking work order material delivery risk and its impact on the planned work start date.
  4. Defining recommendations to mitigate issues in the process

This release of Work Order Insights addresses the material supply chain needs of customers that manage maintenance repair operations (MRO) and capital projects.

Work Order Insights is available in all AWS regions where AWS Supply Chain is available and follows the AWS Supply Chain Insights pricing. Please visit AWS Supply Chain to learn more and get started.

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