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Biden Is Doing Something Incredible As He Has Gotten 81 Hostages Released In 4 Days

The relentless effort by Biden to keep the Middle East ceasefire going has resulted in 81 hostages being released.

According to MSNBC:

We heard it from a senior Arab diplomat directly involved in the negotiations. The word they are using is an expectation, that it is their expectation that the truce will continue for at least two more days. According to NBC News, 86 hostages have been released so far. Eighty-one of them since the initial cease-fire began on Friday. That’s not including the ones expected to be released today.

NBC News is also reporting that according to a diplomat with knowledge of the talks, negotiators are now discussing the release of groups other than just women and children, so simultaneously, ongoing negotiations are aimed toward a pause in the fighting that goes beyond just two or four days. That is critical. Obviously forgetting the hostages out, but also for the international community that’s been surging aid and supplies to those still in Gaza. According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 million Palestinians are living in shelters there. More than 200,000 of them suffer from health problems brought on by a lack of food, water, sanitation, and basic hygiene.


What Biden is doing is incredible. He has done what progressives were asking for, which is a ceasefire, while still supporting Israel and getting hostages released.

Biden deserves a ton of credit as both sides of negotiations have described the United States as relentless in pursuing a ceasefire and hostage releases.

The relative Republican silence on Biden’s handling of the crisis in the Middle East has been telling. Fox News can’t fault Biden for freeing hostages, so they have taken to trying to link hostage releases to their Hunter Biden conspiracy theories.

The narrative that Biden’s presidency is endangered and he is doing a terrible job continues to be refuted by the facts.

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