Bitcoin is down, altcoins are down, should you ‘buy the dip’ NOW?

  • Markus Thielen cautioned against dip-buying, and expects a further decline before recovery
  • Alex Krüger highlighted factors like over-leverage, negative Ethereum sentiment, and altcoin speculation

In the middle of a crypto-market downturn, the age-old mantra of “buying the dip” has resurfaced, enticing traders and investors with potential bargains. And yet, Markus Thielen, CEO of 10x Research, is urging caution. In fact, he believes that the timing may not actually be opportune for such optimism.

Remarking on the same, Thielen noted,

“Buying this dip is still too early. Technically, we still expect Bitcoin to trade below 60,000 before a more meaningful rally attempt is started.”

He went on to add, 

“Based on the previous new high signals, we could paint a rosy picture of 83,000 and 102,000 upside targets, but for the time being, we are more focused on managing the downside.” 

Thielen’s market insights

His analysis offers a cautious view of Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], advising against hasty dip-buying strategies. Thielen’s approach uses analog and data-driven models, revealing the intricacies of market evaluation. Additionally, Thielen’s firm, 10x Research, has gone out of its way to highlight the key factors informing this bearish outlook.

For his part, the exec anticipates a further market decline before any significant recovery on the charts. However, he does expect BTC to maintain a long-term bullish perspective, hitting $100,000 over time. 

Insights from Alex Krüger

Alex Krüger’s analysis also shed light on the multifaceted factors contributing to the recent price volatility, painting a nuanced picture of the current landscape.

He noted, 

“Reasons for the crash, in order of importance (for those who need them).

#1 Too much leverage (funding matters)

#2 ETH driving market south (market decided ETF not passing)

#3 Negative BTC ETF inflows (careful, data is T+1)

#4 Solana shitcoin mania (it went too far)”

With over-leverage, negative sentiment from Ethereum, and speculative activity in altcoins all playing a role, the market is now at a critical juncture. As investors await the Fed’s decision, the crypto-sphere remains on edge, poised for potential turbulence and significant fluctuations in the days ahead.

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