Bitgert Coin: The rising star poised to rival Solana and Ethereum

Bitgert (BRISE) has been emerging as a competitive cryptocurrency in the cryptosphere to challenge giant altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL). With tremendous visions and a focus on innovation, Bitgert has become the first to surpass the plans of such giants as Solana and Ethereum. The scenario in the market proves that investors are changing their aspects by focusing more on the innovation part rather than just some hype and established names.

Bitgert is the Ethereum and Solana killer

Ethereum and Solana are projects that have established robust footprints in the crypto and decentralized world. However, Bitgert although lacking established footprints has been found on a steady path to surpass Ethereum and Solana. Where Ethereum and Solana have long been known for scalability and smart contracts, these were suffering from the blockchain trilemma. Network congestion and high gas fees were some biggest problems as Ethereum and Solana adopted the Proof-of-Stake PoS algorithms. Indeed, such efficiency concerns remained crucial for mainstream adoption as the industry looked for fast and affordable solutions.

Noting the concerns, Bitgert stepped in with its BRC20 blockchain, established on the Binance Smart Chain. By adopting Proof-of-Authority consensus, this blockchain offers the fastest transaction processing time of around 1,00,000 transactions per second. Notably, with speed, it also offers near to-zero transaction fees.

While Solana and Ethereum are yet working on their scalability concerns the newcomer solved the trilemma of the industry. 

BRISE wins with its tokenomics rules

As the perfect contender to Ethereum and Solana-like giants, Bitgert is positioning itself to be the rising star of the market. Where Ethereum and Solana have infinite supply, this project has a capped supply of only 1000 trillion BRISE. Moreover, BRISE has a deflationary model far better than others in the market. Unlike Ethereum and Solana, all the transactions of BRISE will burn 12% of the coins, permanently removing them from circulation, and making them more scarce.

Moreover, recently 2 trillion BRISE has been burnt, demonstrating the commitment of the project to its tokenomics. By citing the law of the digital world “The more you burn, The pricier it gets” and focusing on efficiency and stability, this project is poised to attract more crypto coiners. 

Moreover, BRISE holds extreme potential for a price surge in the coming months as the bull market strengthens. Indeed, Bitgert has potentially positioned itself as a significant competitor and even a “killer” of Ethereum and Solana in the future.

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