BlockDAG’s 5000% surge beats ApeMax Presale & SHIB Burn

There’s massive competition in the crypto space with the upcoming presales. BlockDAG has emerged as one of the top presales that has become an overnight sensation with its $1 million raise within 24 hours of its presale batch 1 and an ambitious $600 million roadmap.  

Top crypto investors are eyeing BlockDAG over ApeMax presale and SHIB Burn due to its diverse mining opportunities and state-of-the-art ecosystem.

ApeMax Presale- Success or Bust 

Apemax has emerged as one of the new contenders in the crypto space, creating speculation that it will be a major meme coin in 2024. 

With its innovative boost to earn technology, it differs from other top cryptocurrencies. ApeMax has 10,000 holders and has sold over 9 billion tokens, maintaining investors’ interest. However, the compromised speed due to its cost-effectiveness could contribute to its negative impression. 

SHIB Burn- 9.9 Billion Shiba Inu Burned

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Shiba Inu recently ruled over the headlines with SHIB Burn in January 2024. With 9.9 billion SHIB Burn, it aims to reduce the token’s circulation supply while potentially increasing its value. 

This burn resulted in the removal of $88,348 worth of SHIB. Despite the ongoing burns that destroyed 410.7 trillion worth of SHIB tokens, the community is becoming more aggressive towards it. This process has been undertaken to increase the gas fee to enhance the SHIB burn rate. 

BlockDAG Expected To Be The Largest Presale In 5 Years 

BlockDAG, another competitor in the crypto landscape, is out there with its presale, leaving behind the ApeMax presale. With rapid sales out of its batch 1 presale that hit $1M within 24 hours, BlockDAG has now entered batch 2 with the price of $0.0015. 

BlockDAG aims to provide high returns on investments to its users, even up to 5000%, so its early investors can take massive advantage of it. Moreover, BlockDAG has early bird offers like a 2 million giveaway that allows users to experience the platform to its full potential in the initial stages. The way it has reached its second batch too fast, it’s evident that BlockDAG has the potential to compete with Kaspa and Bitcoin soon. 

BlockDag CPU


BlockDAG’s presale is a chance for all crypto lovers to enter the community and earn potential rewards before it gets too late, as the presale batches are ending too quickly due to the increased demands. 

With its four streams of income, mining possibilities, and structured batch progression, investors are eyeing BlockDAG. 

BlockDAG’s $2 Million Giveaway 

With endless possibilities and an aim to achieve $600 million by 2024, BlockDAG is over-pacing ApeMax presale and SHIB Burn, allowing you to win something you have just imagined. BlockDAG is now offering a $2 million mega giveaway to 50 lucky members. 

You just need to follow BlockDAG’s social media channels, submit your wallet address, complete all quests, bring friends for extra entries, and increase your chances of earning handsome cash prizes. 

5000x growth potential

Join the presale before it ends and enjoy the maximized investment returns. 





Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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