Carnegie Mellon reveals it was hit by a cyberattack over the summer

A cyberattack hit Carnegie Mellon University last summer and the attackers breached personal data, according to a disclosure from the school last week. The Pittsburgh-based university known for its top tech and computer science programs said on Friday that the attack impacted 7,300 students, employees, contractors and other affiliates.

“There is no evidence of fraud or inappropriate use of the information from those files,” a statement from CMU said. Still, the attackers likely accessed and copied data that included names, social security numbers and birth dates. With help from law enforcement, CMU disabled any access to that copied data, according to the school.

It started on August 25 when unauthorized users accessed CMU’s systems. The university says it began recovery processes and an investigation into the incident that included months later in December, while notifications to impacted parties began to go out last week. Impacted parties will receive credit monitoring services to mitigate further damage.

CMU did not respond to a request for comment and further information about the attack by the time of publication.

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