Charles Hoskinson breaks silence on the Nami wallet malfunction

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano [ADA], has stepped forward to address a recent controversy surrounding Nami, a wallet acquired by the protocol.

Amidst speculation and uncertainty, Hoskinson unveiled a surprising revelation on Nami’s functionality. 

Delving deeper, Hoskinson shed light on the intricate issue plaguing Nami’s implementation of ADAHandles, promising insights into Cardano’s strategic solutions. 

He noted

“I’m just coming up to speed on Nami. We’ve put together a weekend team to investigate an issue involving Nami’s implementation of ADAHandles.” 

The underlying issue 

In a bid to provide clarity, Hoskinson illustrated a scenario where a user inputs handles, perhaps from $NFT to $NFTs, only to encounter a delay in updating the destination to $NFTs. 

“The one issue that has been identified is a delay in fetching ADAHandles whereby if users are typing in handles, i.e. “$NFT” and then “$NFTs”, there is a delay in updating the destination from $NFT to $NFTs.” 

Additionally, this delay in updating the destination poses a significant challenge to the wallet’s usability.

To tackle this issue, Hoskinson revealed that ADAHandles are temporarily disabled as the team rushes to develop and test a solution. 

“The disabling code has been written and pushed to Google and we are waiting on their approval, which usually takes 1-2 hours.”

What’s the solution? 

Amidst these challenges, Cardano’s Lace Light Wallet remained unaffected, providing reassurance to users amidst the Nami turmoil.

Hoskinson empathized with the frustrations of affected users, acknowledging the importance of a seamless user experience.

Despite the hurdles encountered with Nami, Cardano’s commitment to enhancing user experience remained unwavering.

The upgrades to Cardano’s Lace light wallet, coupled with the acquisition of Nami. This reflected the protocol’s dedication to providing a user-friendly blockchain ecosystem.

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