Commit to stellar service when you commit to these 4 pillar principles

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When you’re struggling with your business, it may seem that there’s a secret code you haven’t yet cracked. Yet, in reality, success can be simple — though rarely easy — when you implement consistent, tried-and-true service principles that form the foundation of great real estate careers.

In my five-part series, I’ve explored the pillars of service that create exceptional results. Here’s a roundup of each one so that you can always refer back to it when you need a refresher or some added motivation.

There are four critical pillars to success that rest upon the foundation of service. These pillars are models that have stood the test of time. They are built upon habits and systems that hundreds of thousands of agents have used to serve millions of clients and build generational wealth for their families.

The quest for new insights and understanding pushes and motivates great agents to research new markets, study the practices of other top performers, seek out new insights from books and podcasts, travel to faraway places for conferences and mastermind groups, and surround themselves with peers, mentors and clients who lift them to new heights.

The best agents and the people who run this industry are not tactical, they are strategic. They make decisions based on what they want to happen in the next five years, not the next five months. They look far beyond the next closing or the next sales cycle. They look to the future they want to create for their lives, the vision they see for their family, and the multi-generational wealth they are going to build.

Most agents struggle to find success because they simply do not generate enough leads. They may generate 20 or 30 a year when they need to be generating that many each month if not more.  If you are not in the business of generating leads, well, you won’t be in the business very long.

Now, how do you get those leads from the point where they say, “I might be interested in working with you,” to agreeing to work with you as their agent, then go under contract with another party and, eventually, continue all the way to the closing table?

That process from initial inquiry to a closed transaction can be a long and bumpy road. It is rarely easy or straightforward. You tend to find out pretty quickly why real estate agents get paid handsomely when they do get a deal across the finish line. If it was easy, everyone would get rich doing it. Here’s how to turn leads into clients.

If you’ve been frustrated with the results you’ve gotten thus far, it’s time to buckle down and get serious about developing yourself and your business. Follow this proven roadmap to find the success you’ve been missing.

Nick Schlekeway is the founder of Amherst Madison, a Boise, Idaho-based real estate brokerage. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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