Davante Adams admits Raiders experience 'not what I wanted' so far, seeks Super Bowl: 'I can only do so much'

A year and a half after rejecting the Packers’ contract offers to facilitate a trade to the Raiders, wide receiver Davante Adams admitted to ESPN recently that his experience in Las Vegas is “not what I wanted,” suggesting the team has lacked a Super Bowl formula.

Adams, who signed a five-year, $140 million deal with the Raiders in 2022, hasn’t requested a move out of town. And he remains committed to working toward a title run with Las Vegas, for now. But it’s clear he wants more out of the partnership.

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“I didn’t really have any expectations,” Adams said of his move to Sin City, per ESPN. “But (this is) not what I wanted, for sure. Obviously, I wanted to come here and have a big impact, continue to play at a high level and win games. And a lot of those things have happened — just not the winning part. But I’ve just got to continue to do more and keep demanding greatness and consistency for my teammates. … It’s a gamble sometimes (changing teams). You never really know.

“What’s most important to me is going to the Super Bowl,” he continued. “I (went) to four NFC championship games in Green Bay in eight years. So I’ve won a lot of games in the regular season. I’ve got a lot of stats. What I haven’t done is check that box of winning the Super Bowl. I’m trying to create something special here. I can only do so much on my individual end. … You don’t fluke into the Super Bowl; you do it a certain way to win the Super Bowl.”

This isn’t the first time Adams has challenged the Raiders to raise their collective standard since his arrival. Early in the 2023 offseason, fresh off a 1,500-yard Las Vegas debut, he told The Ringer that he didn’t see “eye to eye” with team brass on certain roster decisions, alluding to the exit of friend and former QB Derek Carr. He later downplayed the comments but also said he needed time to “buy into” the team’s direction.

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