Democrats Hammer Reeling Republicans With The Perfect Argument

House Democrats are surgically taking apart Republicans while they are consumed by their Speaker of the House meltdown.

Rep. Katherine Clark said on MSNBC:

I think there are many different candidates that we could work with, because it’s not about a single person. It is about who is going to end this civil war and get back to work for the American people. Who is going to work with us on the deal that we already made and voted for back in June that set budget levels?

We’re seeing a Republican Party that has rolled back that agreement and put national abortion bans in everything from defense to agriculture bills. Their full, wholehearted adoption of the most MAGA extreme parts of their Caucus is a rejection of what the American people are asking us to do: Come together, put them first, and, get back to the real work we have to do on their behalf.


The argument that House Democrats are making is that they are trying to be reasonable and govern, while Republicans have moved toward an extremist fringe that has no interest in helping the American people. This argument will fare well in every district that features a House Republican, where President Biden won in 2020.

Democrats know exactly what they are doing. They are arguing that they are arguing that they are the party of adults who can get things done, and Republicans are the children playing with matches who are burning the People’s House down.

It is the perfect argument to make to voters who are increasingly sick of the Trump-fueled dysfunction that has toxically infested the nation’s politics.

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