E. Jean Carroll Could Sue Trump Again After Michigan Rally

Donald Trump already owes E. Jean Carroll almost $90 million, but that didn’t stop him from defaming her again at his rally in Michigan.

Trump said, “We haven’t done anything wrong. We’ve done nothing wrong. This last case is we haven’t done anything wrong. How about the one 2 weeks ago, a woman, I’m saying, who the hell is she? Who is the woman? It’s so unfair.”


E. Jean Carroll has already sued Trump twice and won. A court has determined that Trump not only knew Carroll, but that he raped her.

Donald Trump should stop talking about E. Jean Carroll, who told Rachel Maddow in an interview, “He was a phantom. It was the people around him who were giving him power. He himself was nothing. It was an astonishing discovery for me. He’s nothing. We don’t need to be afraid of him. He can be knocked down.”

E. Jean Carroll isn’t afraid of Donald Trump, but Donald Trump should definitely be afraid of E. Jean Carroll.

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