Ex-Prosecutor Sums Up Trump Lawyer Alina Habba’s New Claim With 1 Brutal Word

Former U.S. Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner on Thursday delivered a scathing assessment of Donald Trump lawyer Alina Habba’s latest claims in the former president’s civil fraud trial in New York, which last month saw Trump slapped with a $455 million-plus penalty.

They were simply “gibberish,” he argued.

Habba said on Newsmax this week that Trump’s appeal in the case was “going to be very strong” and it was now “time to let our side come out.”

“Yeah, that was a bunch of word salad,” Kirschner bluntly summarized on the latest episode of “The Legal Breakdown” podcast alongside MSNBC contributor Brian Tyler Cohen.

“I especially like when she says, ‘Our story is finally going to come out,’” Kirschner continued. “They have been putting their story out in the media, they have been putting their story out in trials that lasted weeks if not months, but now on appeal their story is finally going to come out.”

“It’s a bunch of word salad, it’s a bunch of gibberish,” Kirschner added. “They do not have strong issues on appeal based on my assessment, what I saw regarding the reporting of the evidence that was introduced, that ended up in the massive money judgment against Donald Trump.”

Habba’s defense of Trump helped take the four-times-indicted ex-POTUS “down in flames,” he added.

Her comments were just PR for gullible Trump fans, he said.

Kirschner acknowledged “some issues that have kicked around” with the case but said they are “very minor” compared “to the massive money judgment that Donald Trump is facing which he has still not been able to post a bond in order to take a proper appeal.”

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