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FBI Director Wray Humiliates Marjorie Taylor Greene During Hearing

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was talking about FBI Director Wray reading her Twitter account to censor her as a part of the Department of Homeland Security only to have Wray tell her that he is not in Homeland Security.

Wray said as Greene was holding up photos, “I haven’t seen the photos that you’re holding up.”

Greene replied, “Maybe, well, I posted them on my Twitter account. It’s public.”

Wray answered, “You know, maybe I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter.”

Greene kept going, “Well, you know, you, you, oh, I’m sure you do. Because the Department of Homeland Security and organized with other offices, has censored many Americans, including myself.”

Wray tells Greene, “I’m not part of the Department of Homeland Security.”


It would be easy to laugh at Marjorie Taylor Greene until one realizes that she is on the Homeland Security Committee and doesn’t know that the FBI Director is not a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Any other member of Congress might have been embarrassed to have such ignorance exposed, but Marjorie Taylor kept rolling on with her attack on Wray and claims that the 1/6 terrorists are unjustly prosecuted.

One of the best things for the country that will happen if Democrats take back the House will be the removal from power of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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