GOP Fear Is Growing That Some Republicans Will Want Speaker Deal With Democrats

File this under: Further proof of dysfunction and extremism.

Some Republicans are worried that their speaker candidates can’t cross the 217 threshold and that if they don’t make it, more members will want to cut a deal with Democrats to reopen the government.

CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju reported:

A number of Republicans emerging from closed-door meeting worried their speaker candidates can’t get 217 on the floor. Some fear if they can’t this time, more Rs will want to cut a deal with Dems to reopen House.

“They don’t want to work with Democrats, but it might end up to be a point where that’s the only way,” Rep. Vern Buchanan said of his GOP colleagues. “We’ve got to get the government open. People are very angry, upset.”

It’s profoundly sad that instead of choosing to work with Democrats, whose requirements for speaker are that they uphold democracy, Republicans fear this prospect. This fear is why the eight candidates are the less than stellar options they are. Yes, Rep. Tom Emmer emerged as the reasonable one, but he also signed the amicus brief in an attempt to steal the rights of voters in Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan from having their votes counted.

He is the *best* they have? Emmer also referred to abortion rights as “Chinese genocide,” but sure, he’s reasonable compared to the rest of the candidates. He is not reasonable compared to Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, though.

Republicans are feeling the pressure to reopen the government, as their chaos and dysfunction has once again effectively shut the government down – this time closing an entire chamber even while The People pay them to do the job, which by the way is not protecting Donald Trump. The job is funding the government and doing legitimate oversight that benefits the people and keeps other branches of government in check.

Here we have a Republican telling a reporter that they do not want to work with Democrats. Cut to every single media outlet asking Democrats why they won’t help Republicans.

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