How Jorge Guerra Jr. balances the art and science of real estate

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In his latest Snapshot profile, Brandon Doyle talks to the Revive Real Estate CEO about how his path was influenced by his medical background, bringing a unique analytical perspective to his business approach.

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Inman contributor Brandon Doyle made it his goal to interview 100 real estate professionals. Here’s a Snapshot of those conversations.

Born during a boom and raised through a crash, Jorge Guerra Jr.’s real estate career is marked by resilience. His journey, spanning over two decades, began with a focus on technology and marketing, key tools that helped him stay ahead during market fluctuations.

As the CEO of Revive Real Estate, his path was influenced significantly by his medical background, bringing a unique analytical perspective to his business approach. 

From medical school to real estate broker

With over 24 years of experience, his journey from medical school to becoming a pioneering real estate broker in Miami highlights his ability to navigate and shape the industry’s ever-evolving landscape.

Guerra’s strategic foresight is evident in his decision to shift family investments from banking to real estate during the tumultuous 2008 financial crisis. This bold move laid the foundation for his current success, including four offices and over 500 agents across South Florida, from Boca Raton to Key West.

Passion for the potential of technology

Guerra’s passion for technology, especially in virtual and augmented reality, AI and drones, has been instrumental in keeping his business at the forefront. His excitement for these tools is not just about their novelty but their potential to revolutionize real estate marketing and customer experience. His foray into augmented reality, creating an interactive business card, exemplifies his innovative spirit.

In an industry rife with distractions and rapid changes, Guerra emphasizes the importance of consistency, discipline and a forward-looking mindset. His approach to tackling industry challenges involves focusing on what works, constantly seeking new opportunities and staying ahead of the curve.

Recognizing the diverse needs of the real estate market, Guerra has implemented unique training programs, such as “Multifamily Wednesday,” to broaden his agents’ expertise. This initiative reflects his understanding that a well-rounded real estate professional must be adept in various aspects of the industry, from commercial to Airbnb management.

Guerra’s enthusiasm for leveraging advanced technologies like VR, AR, AI and drones has significantly impacted his business. These tools have not only enhanced his marketing strategies but also provided innovative ways to engage clients and stay competitive.

AR and the future of real estate

Guerra believes that augmented reality will play a pivotal role in the future of real estate. His pioneering efforts in this space, particularly with his augmented business card, demonstrate the potential of AR to enhance client interactions and offer new marketing avenues.

Jorge Guerra Jr.’s ability to leverage technology to enhance client experiences and market properties more effectively has set him apart as a visionary leader. As he continues to embrace new technologies and training methodologies, Guerra is not only reshaping his business but also influencing the future trajectory of the real estate industry.

Brandon Doyle is a Realtor at Doyle Real Estate Team — RE/MAX Results in Minneapolis and co-author of Mindset, Methods & Metrics – Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent. You can follow him on Twitter.

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