If Trump Doesn’t Pay Up, Letitia James Is Coming For His Assets

New York Attorney General Letitia James said that she is prepared to seize Trump’s assets if he doesn’t pay the nearly $355 million fine and $100 million in interest that he owes.

James told ABC News:

“If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in court, and we will ask the judge to seize his assets.”

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“We are prepared to make sure that the judgment is paid to New Yorkers, and yes, I look at 40 Wall Street each and every day.”

“Financial frauds are not victimless crimes. He engaged in this massive amount of fraud. It wasn’t just a simple mistake, a slight oversight, the variations are wildly exaggerated, and the extent of the fraud was staggering. f average New Yorkers went into a bank and submitted false documents, the government would throw the book at them, and the same should be true for former presidents.”

Imagine the state of New York seizing one or more of Trump’s buildings to pay off the judgment. Imagine Trump having to watch as his name is taken off one or more of his buildings. It could happen as there is little to no evidence that Trump has the funds to pay the fine or post the bond needed to appeal.

Trump committed fraud for years in New York. He thought he was untouchable, but now he is being forced to pay in a way he has never had to in his entire life.

Donald Trump can’t ignore the judgment. Trump can’t refuse to pay. The state of New York is not going to go away. Trump can’t stall with endless appeals. New York will get paid, and the interest is growing every day.

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