I'm Embarrassed For These 14 People Who Thought They Could Get Away With A Silly Lie

Embarrassment is a common occurrence for me. I’m frankly just used to it at this point.

Genie from Aladdin appears sheepish with a caption saying "Well, I feel sheepish."


But sometimes it’s nice to remind myself that a lot of other people are way more embarrassing than I am. The subreddit r/quityourbullshit is the perfect outlet for this. Here are 14 people who told humiliating lies, and were caught red-handed:

1.This self-proclaimed “alpha male” who bragged about “hanging out” with Tim Robbins, but was quickly corrected by Tim himself:

Tim Robbins and a fan seated together, smiling for a photo. Robbins is mentioned as an "Alpha Male" in the overlaid tweet
u/ihave10toes_ / Via reddit.com

2.This anti-vaxxer who made a completely incorrect statement about a study, and was called out by the scientist who wrote it:

A screenshot of a Twitter discussion on an mRNA vaccine study with a link to a scientific article and replies debating its findings
u/Rolltop / Via reddit.com

3.This contractor who was caught using someone else’s photo to lie about having a nail go through his thumb:

Text message exchange showing someone's hand injured, asking to take the day off work for recovery
u/spinuptheFTL / Via reddit.com

4.This person who claimed they went to high school with Jennifer Lopez and had sex with her, but someone pointed out she went to an all girls Catholic school:

Comment thread with users discussing a past encounter with Jennifer Lopez
u/AidanGsRedditAccount / Via reddit.com

5.This account that misquoted an actress (who did not let them get away with it):

Screenshot of tweets with Katee Sackhoff discussing her character Bo-Katan from "Star Wars," including her insecurity about the portrayal
u/Flupox / Via reddit.com

6.This teacher who was called out for faking a note from a “student:”

Handwritten thank you note with emojis and likes visible, text content is appreciative. Comments include a handwriting compliment
u/kaigenn / Via reddit.com

7.This person who decided to lie about something that was easily Googleable:

  u/Average_British_Guy_ / Via reddit.com
u/Average_British_Guy_ / Via reddit.com

8.This person who tried to smear a restaurant, but was exposed by the owner for not complying with their rules:

A smartphone screenshot showing a 1-star review complaining about photos of food, and the restaurant's detailed, polite response addressing concerns
u/mangolectable / Via reddit.com

9.This person who posted an AI-generated image of an ant, and tried to claim it as his own:

Ant in a natural setting with water droplets, posted by a macro photographer seeking species identification on a forum
u/DukeTikus / Via reddit.com

10.This person who presumed no one would reverse image search the photo of “their house” they posted:

Text over image: Person shares past school expulsion and current house purchase, with a call to take risks. Reader warns of potential fraud
u/beerbellybegone / Via reddit.com

11.This outlet that used a woman’s photo without her permission for an article that wasn’t even about her:

Screenshot of a news article featuring a video with a person in a sparkling outfit, discussing Channel 4 content on internet virgins
u/Basilstorm / Via reddit.com

12.This guy who said he was in the biomedical field, but another Reddit user found proof of him working in construction:

A screenshot of a Reddit comment thread where users humorously debate who created the theory of evolution
u/slide_into_my_BM / Via reddit.com

13.This person who lied about how much their meal cost to try and feel geographically superior:

Photo comparing costs of a meal and coffee in Copenhagen with a display of various dishes on a table
u/U3s34 / Via reddit.com

14.And finally, this egregious person who tried to get a refund for a product that wasn’t even released yet:

Screenshot of a social media interaction where a user complains about a product not working and the creator responds, stating the product isn't available yet
u/MrCanadianShark / Via reddit.com

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