Investors scamper for BlockDAG’s $2m giveaway as Bitcoin Dogs & Ethereum (ETH) prices raise hopes

The cryptocurrency industry is currently witnessing an exciting moment, with BlockDAG (BDAG) and Bitcoin Dogs (0DOG) emerging as the front-runners. On its part, BlockDAG raised an incredible $2 million with 2 presale batches and is preparing to enter batch 3. For Bitcoin Dogs, its ICO project has been a trend among market enthusiasts. 

Even if the price of Ethereum has hit volatility, analysts still see a bright future for Ethereum’s (ETH) price. Meanwhile, the new cryptocurrency, BlockDAG, continues its record-breaking streak, it has now begun a $2 million giveaway by way of saying thank you to its adoring fans for their faith. Read further to explore these hot updates and learn how to take part in BlockDAG’s giveaway.

Bitcoin Dogs: Tale of a Declining ICO

Amidst the current surge in Bitcoin’s value, other ventures tied to it, such as Bitcoin Dogs, are also seeing inconsistent outcomes. Due to its striking resemblance to Bitcoin’s BTC, investors are cautious despite Bitcoin Dogs’ alluring promise of a blend of cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralised finance (DeFi), and Web3 culture. 

Market watchers think a more resurgent market would favour Bitcoin over what appears to be a “duplicate” of the dominant token. Furthermore, Bitcoin Dogs’ initial coin offering (ICO) is anticipated to decline in the following weeks due to the impending Bitcoin halving, a unique occurrence that happens every four years.


Ethereum:  Smart Contract Titans Hit Highs

The cryptocurrency industry has performed admirably lately, with prices rising and an encouraging outlook for investors. People are looking for the best cryptocurrency investments, a big topic on the internet. Ethereum’s most popular innovative contract platform has overcome the $3,300 resistance and profited from this positive trend.

Investors interpret this increase as traditional investors backing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Through exchange-traded funds (ETFs), institutions can invest in Bitcoin without dealing with the inconveniences of trading, owning physical digital assets, or paying for specialized custodial services. 

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How Did BlockDAG Coin Get Big Overnight?  

BlockDAG, a new breakout cryptocurrency, has surprised the industry, raising an incredible over $2.2 million in two presale batches. Things quickly grew, and BDAG is suddenly well-known worldwide. BlockDAG is expected to generate $600 million by the end of the year and is not slowing down. BlockDAG is an attractive investment opportunity as it offers an ecosystem of decentralized solutions, including secure mining and smart contracts. 

The blockchain stands out due to its remarkable pace, which begins at ten blocks per second and eventually aims to reach over thirty blocks per second. Moreover, BlockDAG uses a hybrid consensus technique to provide high security without sacrificing decentralization or speed. 

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BDAG is showing significant returns even though it is only in its second batch out of 45 batches in presale. Batch 1 of BlockDAG had an initial price of $0.0010, and at debut, it will finally launch at $0.05, providing early investors with a whopping 5000% return on their investment. Investors who purchase today in the second batch, priced at $0.0015, can anticipate a launch-day ROI of almost 3233%.

Final Words

As the projected bull run looms, fueled by Ethereum (ETH) price swings, two innovative presale chances using BlockDAG, and the highly anticipated Bitcoin Dogs ICO launch. The BlockDAG presale is the most notable of these events, having raised an incredible $2.2 million in a very short time. BlockDAG is poised to transform the cryptocurrency mining industry and offers enormous profits during and after launch. 

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