James Comer Erases Bribery Evidence From Impeachment Website

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has erased the supposed evidence of Biden bribery from the impeachment investigation website.

Biden Bribery Evidence Scrubbed From House Republican Impeachment Website

White House spokesperson Ian Sams posted before and after screenshots of the impeachment website:

Comer spent months talking up the credibility of the Biden bribery evidence only to have the source of the claim arrested for lying to the FBI about the Biden bribery scheme. The Russian source claimed that he got his information about Biden bribery from Russian intelligence officers.

At best Comer was duped by Russia. At worst, Comer knowingly spread and laundered Russian misinformation.

Chair Comer is now claiming that the Biden bribery that he spent months pushing is not relevant to the impeachment investigation. 

Comer runs around telling everyone how important his impeachment evidence is, and then when the evidence is proven to be false, he claims that it wasn’t essential to the investigation.

There has never been an investigation by a House majority that has been as big of a fiasco as the Biden impeachment probe.

Biden impeachment is dead, and it looks like there is nothing that can be done by Republicans to bring it back.

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