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Jimmy Fallon Ends The Week With A Sharp Melania Trump Joke

Jimmy Fallon had a Melania Trump joke ready on The Tonight Show for the news that Trump had a secret room at Mar-a-Lago.

Fallon said, “When the FBI was searching Mar-a-Lago for classified documents, they may have missed a hidden room connected to Trump’s bedroom. A hidden room next to his bedroom, so in other words, Melania’s room.”


Given that Melania Trump won’t even ride in the same car as Donald Trump, it is easy to believe that she does a lot of vanishing to avoid her husband.

Melania Trump is so devoted to Donald Trump that she has shown up to exactly zero of his court appearances. In fact, the only Trump family members who have shown up in court with their dad so far were either co-defendants or witnesses.

It is refreshing to have a family currently in the White House that isn’t a mashup of the Addams Family and a crime family.

Melania Trump also hasn’t shown up at any of Trump’s 2024 campaign events. She has shown as much interest in Trump’s campaign as she did in being First Lady.

As the campaign goes along, Melania Trump should be fodder for the late-night hosts who may have to start tracking why she is nowhere to be found even though her husband is running for president for the third time.

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