Jimmy Kimmel Crushes Trump With A Grab Him By The Assets Joke

Jimmy Kimmel hit Trump with a great joke as he said Attorney General Letitia James is going to grab him by the New York assets.

Kimmel said:

Financial frauds are not victimless crimes. He engaged in a massive amount of fraud, it wasn’t just a simple mistake — like Eric.  She also said if he doesn’t come up with the money, she might seize trump tower. Turns out one of the downsides to putting your name on everything you own is everyone knows who owns it. 

She could do it, too. It would be refreshing to see a woman grab his assets for once.

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When you’re attorney general, they let you do it, you don’t even ask. just seize, you grab them by the property. Trump needs to come up with $355 million to avoid having his property seized.


AG James could move on Trump like a B-word. Just like he bragged about on the Access Hollywood tape. It would be fitting to see Trump’s name come off of Trump Tower. Trump’s supposedly crown jewel.

The Kimmel joke was an absolute killer because it shows how the tables have turned against Trump. AG James is serious about seizing Trump’s assets, and the clock is ticking. AG James isn’t going to wait. If Trump doesn’t pay the New York Attorney General is ready to act.

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