Kaspa reaches new ATH, Stacks grows over 500%: Pullix (PLX) secures BitMart listing more coming soon

Kaspa (KSP) spiked in value by 2,252.3% during the past year and is making its way towards new heights. In the meantime, Stacks (STX) surged by 596.2% in a similar time frame, sparking a lot of interest among whales. Despite this, Pullix (PLX) has also grown, but in a shorter time frame, by 250%. This has resulted in significant accumulation, as its presale has reached the last stage. Today, we will go over all of them to determine which one will climb to the top and will become the top crypto to invest in.

Kaspa (KSP) Grows 2,252.3% YTD – Price to Reach $0.2644

Kaspa (KSP)saw a significant surge in its value and is now climbing up the market cap ladder with its growth potential. Just during the past year, the Kaspa price went up by 2,252.3%, and it’s nearing new heights. 

Yet, according to the Kaspa crypto trading sessions data, it’s clear that in the past 30 days, it’s up 77%, and in the past week alone, it moved above the $0.18 price barrier. According to the Kaspa price prediction, it can end in 2024 at $0.2644.

Stacks (STX) Grows 596.2% – Can It Move Above $4?

Stacks (STX) is also moving upwards in value, and according to the YTD data, its managed to experience an increase of 596.2%. In the past week alone, the Stacks price moved up in value by 38.7% and crossed the $2.80 price border. 

However, the price can see an even more significant upswing, as the Stacks crypto chart showcases that its RSI is above 50 and that the MACD is noting a potential rally can occur soon. With all of this in mind, according to the Stacks price prediction, it can end in 2024 at $4.16.

Pullix (PLX) Grows 250% and Enters Last Presale Stage – Raises Over $7 Million

Pullix (PLX) is getting traction with its ongoing presale with rapid momentum as it reaches its final stage. Over 18,000 users are already signed up for the platform, and its launch will occur in less than 30 days. The platform has captured a significant level of attention already as it combines the best elements of CEXs and DEXs and will soon reach new heights. 

The platform will enable users the opportunity to trade any assets, including cryptocurrencies, all from a single account. There will even be a dedicated Copy Trader feature where anyone can copy the most experienced in the industry. 

Moreover, there will be automated market makers (AMMs), in which holders of PLX can stake their crypto for passive income opportunities. Now, the project is at the last presale stage, trading at $0.14. It raised over $7M and has grown in value by 250% from its start. Once it launches, analysts expect a 100x price upswing, making it the best ICO to get into, especially after BitMart listing and other top tier-1 exchanges.


Kaspa has surged significantly in value, and at this rate of growth, it can reach new heights. In the meantime, Stacks is moving upwards at a rapid basis and could initiate the next market rally. All eyes are currently on the Pullix presale, as it is nearing its completion and can provide significant ROI moving forward. These aspects make it the top crypto to invest in.

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