‘Legitimizes Ethereum like never before:’ All about the new Stablecoin Act

  • Berckmans sees potential for Ethereum’s legitimacy and market growth.
  • Debate ensues over the bill’s impact on stablecoin regulation and Ethereum’s ecosystem.

Amidst buzz about the recently introduced bipartisan Lummis-Gillibrand Payment Stablecoin Act, prominent Ethereum [ETH] community member Ryan Berckmans offered a unique perspective.

“My initial read is that the bill is extremely bullish and legitimizes Ethereum like never before.”

He added, 

“The new stablecoin bill as written could teleport ETH/BTC from today’s 29.92% to 40%+.” 

Diverging opinions on the stablecoin bill 

This underscores that the bill addresses concerns regarding the stability of Ethereum’s on-chain economy, which are often viewed skeptically by both traditional finance (TradFi) and cryptocurrency investors. 

Remarking on the same, Berckmans noted, 

“The stablecoin bill fixes this.” 

With this opinion, he believes that the stabilization of the regulatory landscape through this bill could enhance confidence in Ethereum’s ecosystem, leading to increased adoption and investment.

In contrast to the aforementioned viewpoint, Jake Chervinsky, Chief Legal Officer at Variant, expressed criticism against the bill, stating,

“The bill published today is deeply flawed: it appears to ban nearly everything except a narrow band of centralized, custodial stablecoins. This would be far worse than status quo.”

Thereby, noting the importance of stablecoin legislation in shaping crypto policy and its impact on the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Chervinsky further added, 

“Instead of setting out reasonable requirements for custodial stablecoins, the bill picks winners and losers, and puts an end to innovation.”

However, amidst this criticism, social media seems to be optimistic about stablecoins as highlighted by @CryptoTony

“Top gainers remain to be #Stablecoins .. Volatility has calmed down a bit.”

Hence, despite criticism from Chervinsky, Berckmans is quite confident about the bill.

“At this point, I strongly disagree. I think this draft would overall be a huge win.”

He concluded by saying, 

“Overall, I see this bill as having regrettable but realistic downsides while permanently massively unlocking Ethereum’s legitimacy and onchain growth.” 

What lies ahead for ETH? 

Senators Lummis and Gillibrand’s history of introducing bills to regulate digital assets isn’t new. In the past, too, they have introduced multiple bills to regulate digital assets, but they seemed to have stalled. 

Amidst these turn of events, Ethereum seems to be painting the price chart red in its daily and weekly charts. Showing double-digit declines over the past week, ETH stood at $3,056.57 at press time. 

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