“Look me in the eye”: Hunter Biden turns the tables on Matt Gaetz over question about drug use

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee on Thursday released the full transcript of Hunter Biden’s closed-door testimony that included eyebrow-raising exchanges between Biden and members of the committee.

The partially redacted 229-page document “underscores the disconnect” between Republicans’ criminal allegations against Hunter and President Joe Biden and the actual evidence they have, NBC News reported.

During the questioning, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., asked Hunter Biden if he was “on drugs” while serving as a board member of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, drawing an objection from Biden’s attorney.

“Mr. Gaetz, look me in the eye. You really think that’s appropriate to ask me?” Biden asked Gaetz, according to the transcript.

“Absolutely,” Gaetz replied.

“Of all the people sitting around this table, do you think that’s appropriate to ask me?” Biden asked.

Gaetz has been accused of using drugs at parties by multiple people, including by a Republican senator, which he has denied.

“Yeah. Are you going to answer it?” Gaetz pressed Biden during the hearing.

“I will answer it this way: I have been absolutely transparent about my drug use,” Biden replied. “Again, I spoke to you all earlier this morning about that. I’m sorry; I’m an addict. I was an addict. I have been in recovery for over four and a half years now, Mr. Gaetz. I work really, really hard at it. Let me answer. I work really hard at it, under an enormous amount of pressure. Was I an addict? Yes, I was an addict. What does that have to do with whether or not you’re going to go forward with an impeachment of my father other than to simply try to embarrass me?”

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