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Mike Johnson Sets Himself Up For More Mayorkas Impeachment Humiliation

Speaker Mike Johnson is holding another vote to impeach DHS Sec. Mayorkas and he is hoping that House Democrats don’t show up.

CNN’s Manu Raju reported:

The House GOP’s renewed attempt to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas tonight hinges on the potential absences in the chamber, per sources. Due to snow impacting regions of the US and the fact that it’s a fly-in day, members in both parties could miss the vote — impacting the outcome.

GOP leadership is expected to hold a vote on another matter first in the 6:30p vote series to gauge absences. If there are too many absences, Republicans may have to go into recess and delay the vote — a risky move given the New York special election is tonight.

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After failing to impeach Mayorkas last week because Rep. Al Green (D-TX) unexpectedly got out of his hospital bed without shoes, and took an Uber to come and vote, Mike Johnson has decided to try to impeach Mayorkas again with the same failed strategy that didn’t work the first time.

Hope that the Democrats will not show up has never been an effective way to get things done in the House.

As Raju noted, the problem is that the snowfall could prevent Republicans from getting to the Capitol to vote on Mayorkas’s impeachment.

The vote has to happen today because if Democrats flip George Santos’s old seat tonight in New York, by tomorrow, Republicans won’t have the votes to impeach Mayorkas.

Mike Johnson seems to be setting himself up for more House humiliation.

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