New Amazon Pinpoint SMS management capabilities for developers

To help developers configure and optimize their SMS messaging programs, Amazon Pinpoint has launched a new set of SMS management capabilities. Developers use SMS messages as an extension of the apps and services they build. For example, they use SMS for account login/sign-up, sending time sensitive alerts, helping their customers complete transactions, and two-way SMS chat.

Pinpoint’s new management capabilities help developers fine tune their SMS programs to maximize message deliverability and reliability. The new capabilities include a quick start guide with an SMS simulator to help developers deploy test infrastructure within minutes. When developers are done testing and want to message their real customers, they can request dedicated phone numbers through Pinpoint’s new in-console phone number feature. When requesting phone numbers or sender IDs, Pinpoint helps developers choose the right phone number type and complete any required SMS phone number registrations. Additionally, Pinpoint now has granular SMS controls so developers can configure their phone numbers, sender IDs, and phone pools to optimize SMS for their specific implementation. For example, with phone pools developers can group multiple phone numbers and sender IDs together for simplified global deployments, streamlined SMS phone number management, and added redundancy if there is any issue with one of their phone numbers.

With this launch, Amazon Pinpoint SMS and its fine-grained messaging controls is now available in 29 AWS regions.

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