NFL Week 1 grades: Cowboys earn an 'A' for destroying Giants, Bengals get an 'F' for blowout loss to Browns

Welcome to the Week 1 grades. 

The first full Sunday of NFL action is in the books, which is arguably good news for the Giants, Bengals and Steelers, three teams who should probably do their best to forget that Week 1 ever happened. Those three teams scored our lowest grades of the week and they definitely earned it.

On the other hand, several teams earned an ‘A’ this week, including the Cowboys. America’s Team went on national television and handed the Giants a beatdown with all of America watching. The Cowboys have gone 28 straight years without making it to a Super Bowl, and although it’s only Week 1, you will definitely hear their name mentioned as a Super Bowl contender this week. 

Alright, we have grades to hand out, so let’s get to them.  (If you’re looking for a deeper dive on the Lions’ shocking 21-20 win over the Chiefs that was played on Thursday, be sure to click here.)

Cleveland 24-3 over Cincinnati

Bengals-Browns grades by Jordan Dajani (Love the grades? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

San Francisco 30-7 over Pittsburgh

49ers-Steelers grades by Bryan DeArdo (Love the grades? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Atlanta 24-10 over Carolina

Jacksonville 31-21 over Indianapolis

Tampa Bay 20-17 over Minnesota

New Orleans 16-15 over Tennessee

Baltimore 25-9 over Houston

Washington 20-16 over Arizona

L.A. Rams 30-13 over Seattle 

Las Vegas 17-16 over Denver

Miami 36-34 over L.A. Chargers 

Dolphins-Chargers grades by Cody Benjamin (Love the grades? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Green Bay 38-20 over Chicago

Packers-Bears grades by Garrett Podell (Love the grades? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Philadelphia 25-20 over New England

Eagles-Patriots grades by Jeff Kerr (Love the grades? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Dallas 40-0 N.Y. Giants

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