North West Seemingly Posted Unedited Photos Of Kim Kardashian

If you’ve come across any content relating to the Kardashians (ie you have internet) then you likely know how incredibly rare it is to see an unedited image of them. Whether it’s using filters or good ol’ image editing software, you’d be forgiven for thinking that skin texture simply does not apply to this family.

  Taylor Hill / FilmMagic, Hulu

Taylor Hill / FilmMagic, Hulu

Indeed, the last time Kim Kardashian seemingly posted an unedited pic of herself, it appeared to have been a mistake — given that she posted an edited version next to it. So, it might be worth noting that her daughter, North West, has been posting pics that don’t seem to have been blurred to the usual standard on her TikTok.

It's worth noting that any picture, even those showing skin texture, can still be edited — it's just more subtle. 

It’s worth noting that any picture, even those showing skin texture, can still be edited — it’s just more subtle.

Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

Last week, North took posted on TikTok a screenshot of her FaceTiming with Kim where the businesswoman and reality star appears more candid than we’re used to seeing her.

  North and Kim / Via

Yesterday, North posted another photo dump where further pics with Kim could be seen. “Such a good picture 😂,” she captioned one.

  North and Kim / Via

Of course, Kim previously said that she supervises North’s TikTok and the account still says “managed by an adult” — so it’s entirely possible that all of these pics were vetted.

  North and Kim / Via

Within these images, it can be difficult to square the immense scrutiny the Kardashians face for their image with the impact they’ve had on photo editing and body standards overall.

  North and Kim / Via

It’s not the first time Kim has been less made up on TikTok — last year, she went viral for appearing in a video without her signature extensions.

  Kim and North / Via

All in all, it’s another normal day to have skin texture!

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