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One Answer From A New Hampshire GOP Voter Illustrates Why Trump May Be Doomed

A Republican who voted for Donald Trump twice is refusing to support him in 2024 because he was humiliated by how Trump acted after losing in 2020.


The voter said, “I voted for him twice and I was just humiliated when I saw the guy I voted for, the way he handled himself after he lost.”

The Stain Of 1/6 Isn’t Going Away

The MAGA primary that Trump is poised to roll through is not the same electorate as a general election. The fact that Trump is going to get crushed by Nikki Haley with Independents in New Hampshire should be a warning to the Republican Party. The fact that there are many voters in the country who voted for Trump before, but don’t plan on doing so again because of his attempted coup should make Republicans think twice about nominating him again.

It is not happening because in the Republican Party there are more MAGAs who want to live the fantasy instead of dealing with reality.

The stain of 1/6 is not going away, and it will take a few thousand voters in a handful of swing states who will refuse to support Donald Trump because he led an insurrection to doom the Republican Party in 2024.

Independents and some Republicans haven’t forgotten how Trump behaved after the 2020 election. The whitewashing hasn’t worked, and it could be a big problem for the GOP at the ballot box.

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