People Are Sharing The Extremely Small Inconveniences That Can Ruin A Day, And I've Never Felt So Seen In My Life

There’s a new trend on X where people are sharing minor inconveniences that can totally derail an entire day.

Twitter: @seriuslynothing

Because everyone loves complaining, here’s what people are saying are instant day-ruiners.

1. When you hold the door open for someone, and they don’t say “thank you.”

Twitter: @IgnorantAF

2. The Netflix “Are you still watching?” screen.

Twitter: @tl23soldier

3. When your pocket catches a handle.

ComedyCentral /Twitter: @pplanetorange

4. When you’re a couple cents short on the Starbucks app and have to reload.

Twitter: @Kool_Moe_B

5. The tire pressure light coming on in your car.

Twitter: @ResultsMayGARY

6. When all of the forks are dirty.

Twitter: @PrayForJack

7. When they forget the condiments in the bag.

Twitter: @_LaKev

8. When the toothpaste is locked up in Target.

Twitter: @Lew_Muhnotty

9. When it’s cash only.

Twitter: @BigMamaDeja

10. The iPhone “cool down” warning.

Twitter: @GSE_LilLe

11. Getting the cuff of your sleeve wet when you’re doing dishes.

Twitter: @danw_1986

12. Forgetting your phone was on your lap when you get out of the car.

Twitter: @alifrm24th

13. People taking full carts through the self-checkout.

Twitter: @milamack10

14. When the self-checkout says there is an “unexpected item in the bagging area.”

Twitter: @jakesauser

15. A small stain on a shirt.

Twitter: @MuhindaOwen

16. Having to make three turns around a parking lot to find a spot.

Twitter: @TheMMQBL

17. When your phone tells you to turn the volume down.

Twitter: @MichaelDrummey

18. When the package says it was delivered when it wasn’t.

Twitter: @GenyF91

19. This:

Twitter: @GamecockWill69

20. When someone doesn’t turn right on red.

Twitter: @vianey_gon

21. When you didn’t get gas the night before.

Twitter: @_Lennyy

22. This:

Twitter: @LiebeUnderworld

23. Forgetting to charge your headphones.

Twitter: @digableblk_

24. Any phone call.

Twitter: @threestripeneil

25. When someone pulls out in front of you and then goes very slow.

Twitter: @jritter33

26. When you are missing one ingredient.

Twitter: @ohgodjohnwhy

27. When someone flashes their lights at you at a four-way stop.

Twitter: @bravesfan314

28. When you can’t remember your password.

Twitter: @Snipewituzi

29. QR codes at restaurants.

Twitter: @CaressLepore

30. When you can’t talk to a human being.

Twitter: @Carolinas_942

31. When you have to pee after getting comfortable in bed.

Twitter: @JE50269

32. And lastly, this:

Twitter: @hashjenni

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