Phantom Labs announces NFT sales with Crypto Gambinos Launch, $MOBCOIN now on Uniswap

Phantom Labs Pty Ltd, a leader in the web3 arena, has announced the sale of its Crypto Gambinos NFT collection after the successful launch of $MOBCOIN. Now publicly traded on Uniswap, $MOBCOIN serves as a powerful governance tool and in-game currency within the Crypto Gambinos ecosystem.  This strategic move underscores Phantom Labs’ commitment to highlighting its captivating NFT collection, where art and innovation collide.

The Crypto Gambinos NFT collection, mintable at the official project website, is an artful composition of digital collectibles, each woven into a narrative fabric that portrays the journey from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of power. This collection is a testament to the creative prowess of Phantom Labs, featuring a limited series of 7,777 NFTs that encapsulate the essence of the Crypto Gambinos saga. The diversity in rarity and the introduction of 200 unique traits across these NFTs ensure that each piece stands as a distinct token of the Crypto Gambinos universe.

As part of the launch of the NFT, Phantom Labs introduces $MOBCOIN, a cryptocurrency designed to power the Crypto Gambinos ecosystem. As a governance token, $MOBCOIN empowers its holders with voting rights, enabling them to steer the project’s direction through participatory decision-making. 

To reflect current market conditions and ETH’s fluctuating gas fees, Phantom Labs has reduced the NFT minting price by 50%. Previously priced at 0.02 ETH, each NFT can now be minted for only 0.01 ETH. As a special incentive, NFT holders will automatically be airdropped 10,000 $MOB coins once the NFT sale is complete.

The architecture of $MOBCOIN’s tokenomics is meticulously planned to ensure a balanced ecosystem. It facilitates a decentralized governance structure via the MOBCOIN DAO, granting token holders a voice in the project’s future endeavors. Moreover, a unique profit-sharing mechanism aligns the interests of the community with the success of Crypto Gambinos, promising a shared prosperity model where the achievements of the project directly benefit its supporters.

Acknowledging the paramount importance of security in the blockchain space, Phantom Labs has subjected the $MOBCOIN token to a comprehensive security audit. The transparency of this process, with findings available for public review, underscores the project’s dedication to establishing a foundation of trust and safety for its community.

Looking ahead, the roadmap for Crypto Gambinos and $MOBCOIN is laden with promising milestones. The journey begins with the integration of $MOBCOIN into the NFT ecosystem, progresses through the development of an in-game economy, and culminates in the initiation of profit-sharing and treasury redistribution. These initiatives are crafted to enhance the intrinsic value of the NFTs and $MOBCOIN, enriching the overall experience for participants.

The introduction of the Crypto Gambinos NFT collection and $MOBCOIN by Phantom Labs marks a significant leap forward in the digital assets domain. It signifies the convergence of narrative-driven art and blockchain innovation, offering a unique and immersive experience to collectors and investors alike.

For an opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking venture and to mint your Crypto Gambinos NFT, visit

About Phantom Labs

Phantom Labs Pty Ltd is at the forefront of the web3 revolution, developing projects that bridge the gap between digital art, storytelling, and blockchain technology. Based in Sydney, Australia, Phantom Labs is dedicated to creating immersive experiences that not only offer unique digital collectibles and cryptocurrencies but also foster a strong sense of community and shared achievement.

With the launch of Crypto Gambinos and $MOBCOIN, Phantom Labs is setting new standards in the integration of art, narrative, and blockchain technology, promising an engaging and rewarding journey for all participants.

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