Plastic tub in cold had seven kittens and mom sealed inside, rescue says. ‘Shocking’

An abandoned plastic tub in New York turned out to have something quite “shocking” inside, an animal rescue says.

Photos of a family of cats found “sealed shut” inside a bin in Colonie were shared in a Facebook pet group Nov. 15. There was nothing else in the bin except for a pair of SpongeBob SquarePants pajama pants, the original poster said.

Noah’s Kingdom Humane Society, an Albany-based animal rescue, shared the post on Facebook.

The cats — a mother and seven kittens — were taken to receive veterinary care soon after the discovery, the animal rescue said a day later. Then, the rescue said it placed the family in foster care, where they were “doing well.”

In addition to getting the abandoned cats medical treatment, the incident was reported to police and animal control in the area, the humane society said. Noah’s Kingdom Humane Society called the circumstances “unthinkable.”

“Do you have information leading to the person or persons who inhumanely put mother cat and her kittens in a sealed plastic tub and abandoned them in the cold?” the animal rescue asked on Facebook.

The rescue of the cats took place despite the nonprofit being at capacity with other animals, it said in a Nov. 20 Facebook post.

A “devoted volunteer” is looking after the cats, the animal rescue said. Since being put into foster care, the group is “thriving” due to the volunteer’s “loving and capable care.”

“We are told they are doing well, playful and absolutely loving,” the nonprofit said on Facebook.

Despite several inquiries, the cats are still in the process of being checked out and will be up for adoption later, the rescue said.

Colonie is about 10 miles north of Albany.

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