S2K L2 Casino: A game-changer post PIK token presale success!

Holding several rounds of PIK Token pre-sales, a gambling cryptocurrency platform has announced the first [S2K L2] casino launch on Web 3. As of February 2024, the N-PIK Web 3 casino has successfully conducted two rounds of pre-sales for the PIK Token. Having raised over $450,000, they are now moving towards new horizons with full-scale ICO marketing and the opening events for N-PIK services.

The next step is to complete the second round of pre-sales for PIK Token by March 31 and officially launch the gambling platform itself after the opening events! The N-PIK project, the first online blockchain casino implementing hybrid decentralized technology (S2k L2 system), is progressing precisely according to the project roadmap. 

N-PIK now is preparing for a launch event and ICO sale.


  • “N-PIK” airdrop event”

During the event period, participants will receive 1500 USDTp points upon registration. Additionally, by playing games users become eligible for airdrop of PIK and PLYP tokens (total airdrop amount is $100,000).

PIK token listing is scheduled on April 22, 2024.

  • “Double bonus for referral”

By bringing new referrals, you not only get a bonus but also have the chance to double it!”

Having a significant amount of USDTp points increases the chances of acquiring PIK token and gives you advantages in ranking battles.

Furthermore, you have an opportunity to get additional profit of 20% of PIK tokens acquired by your referrals.


  1. PIK Token pre-sale: 50% discount until March 31 (early termination possible).
  2. PLYP Token: A new concept of event token that allows users to retrieve ICO investment funds.  
  3. Ghost Pick Points: Event points that enable users to participate in various reward events on a monthly basis.

The above services are the three core elements of the PIK Token ecosystem. During the pre-sale period, users can receive Play PIK Token (PLYP) as a bonus. After the official release, users can directly access betting games or trade through the trading services. Participate in PIK Token ICO at the special discount price of 0.05 USDT (50% discount).

The release of PIK Token ecosystem is not just a simple event. It marks the beginning of a new era in the Blockchain Casino Domain.

Technical Competitiveness behind the PIK token ecosystem

  • Hybrid Decentralization: Following its Hybrid Decentralization approach, the [S2k L2] system is a service that provides transparency of the platform by proving users’ actual assets on blockchain daily. This is a pioneering technology ever introduced offering a competitive edge over other services and ushering in a new era of the blockchain online casino. 
  • Prudent Token Issuance and Burning: The PIK token is available solely via ICO and game airdrops without company reserves (except for amount allocated for exchange listing support and marketing). It ensures scarcity through a higher dividend rate and strategic burning policies, providing enhanced investment appeal compared to other competing platforms.
  • Revolutionary wallet recovery service: To enhance stability, we provide a casino-issued wallet recovery feature, allowing encrypted private key decryption through a specific separate service for wallet migration. This revolutionary service allows users to directly recover their assets without platform support, in case of platform service instability caused by natural disasters, server issues, and other uncertainties.

To take part in the pioneering journey of N-PIK and its groundbreaking Web 3 [S2K L2 casino], secure your PIK tokens now before the pre-sales second round concludes

N-PIK platform is redefining the online casino stage with innovative features starting from 2024.

Get ready for the upcoming third bull market with N-PIK services!

PIK token will be listed soon on LBank

Official Website: https://pik-swap.com/

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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