Ship.Cars Adopts Drive Chat Communication Feature for Dispatchers

The SmartHaul TMS Driver Chat has the option to send mass messages to multiple drivers, saving time.

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Ship.Cars, a software provider for the car hauling industry, is offering a new driver chat function for its dispatchers through a partnership with Logytext, a third party communication service.

Called Driver Chat, the new tool will be added to the Ship.Cars SmartHaul TMS platform.

What It Does

Driver Chat aims to centralize communication with drivers, boosting efficiency for dispatchers and contact for shipping customers.

“This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in how we support our carriers and continue to enhance our SmartHaul TMS platform,” said Eftim Eftimov, president of Ship.Cars, in a March 20 news release. “We believe this partnership will not only elevate our industry but also empower those who keep it moving.”

Instead of relying on various devices and apps, Driver Chat allows dispatchers to send SMS and MMS messages seamlessly to any device or app the driver is using, all while maintaining a unified message feed to ensure no critical information is lost. Simultaneously, carriers and owner operators gain the ability to monitor activities, bolster accountability, and resolve conflicts with unprecedented efficiency.

The SmartHaul TMS Driver Chat feature provides:

  • The ability to send SMS and MMS messages to any device or app the driver uses directly from the SmartHaul TMS platform.
  • Compatibility with WhatsApp, Zapier, Peruse, Chat GPT and ELD.
  • The option to send mass messages to multiple drivers, saving time.
  • Message scheduling for specific dates and times.
  • Custom reporting and a continuous record of all message threads to prevent small problems from escalating.

Addressing Industry Challenges

The company’s partnership with Logytext addresses pressing needs within the logistics industry, enabling carriers to optimize their operations and minimize communication-related challenges.

“Driver Chat will greatly simplify communication for dispatchers, drivers, owner operators and carriers, helping them work smarter and faster in the SmartHaul TMS platform,” said Vladimir Kadurin, product and operations lead at Ship.Cars.

The Ship.Cars SmartHaul TMS platform hosts over 35,000 users each month, with 4,000 daily active users. Serving more than 30,000 carriers, 90,000 drivers, and 110,000 trucks, Ship.Cars works with shippers and carriers to boost efficiency, save valuable time, and drive business growth.

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