Solana to $1000 or Ethereum to $10,000? This analyst is betting on…

  • Crypto-analyst bets SOL could hit $1k and outshine ETH in this cycle
  • ETH proponent believes the altcoin could climb as high as $10k 

Crypto-Twitter is back on the Solana [SOL] vs. Ethereum [ETH] debate again. So, which token will emerge as this cycle’s best performer? Well, as expected, both the Solana and Ethereum camps feel they’ll emerge to be top. 

If the last 24 hours are taken into account, it would seem that SOL has a headstart of sorts. While SOL hiked by 9.5% and climbed back above $140 on the charts, ETH appreciated by a mere 3%, according to CoinMarketCap. 

Solana also outperformed Ethereum in Q4 2023 on the price charts. It’s not surprising then that crypto-analysts like Ansem are uber-bullish on SOL. In fact, in doing so, he also downplayed Ethereum’s edge on Solana, stating, 

“There is not a single thing Ethereum does better than Solana, was true before the metrics shifted last year and is even more true now with objectively verifiable data.

$1,000 per $SOL”

The analyst also cited Solana’s commendable improvement in DEX (decentralized volume), daily active users, and validator data to predict a 7x potential surge from its press time levels. 

Ethereum is still a big shot

On the other hand, Ethereum’s community is confident the token can hit $10k on the charts. Some community members like Ryan Adams of Bankless actually think that the target should have been reached by now. 

Referencing ETH’s massive revenues, Adams recently claimed, 

“No, Ethereum isn’t like the other chains. Ethereum is profitable. Over the past 18 months, Ethereum generated almost $1 billion in earnings.”

Adams added, 

“Ethereum is only 9 years old. ETH should be over $10k based on this alone.”

Apart from higher revenue, TVL (Total Value Locked), and overall market cap, Solana dwarfs Ethereum on several fronts, as evidenced by a previous AMBCrypto report

However, the price chart performance is the most crucial for HODLers. A possible ETH move to $10k from $3.1k means a potential 3x upswing. Even if you take the wildest estimates, ETH’s 3x would be way lower than SOL’s 7x potential. 

In other words, SOL might have higher potential for gains if the bull cycle explodes. That being said, ETH could play catch-up if the United States finally approves Spot Ethereum ETFs. 

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