The Guide to JetBlue Travel Insurance

One way to protect the investment you’ve made in your vacation is to buy travel insurance.

When booking a flight on JetBlue Airways, you can purchase JetBlue travel insurance, provided by Allianz, to protect your trip against unexpected situations.

Is JetBlue travel protection worth it? Find out below as we discuss what JetBlue insurance covers, how much it costs and any exclusions that may apply.

JetBlue travel insurance plans

We created multiple scenarios in the JetBlue flight insurance calculator, and each time the only policy option was “Travel Insurance II.” Although Allianz travel insurance offers several policy types when shopping directly, travelers can only purchase one type of policy through the JetBlue insurance link.

The Travel Insurance II policy is a single-trip policy. If you want an annual policy, you’ll need to buy it directly from Allianz or another travel insurance company.

What does JetBlue travel protection cover?

JetBlue travel insurance offers robust protections. These benefits include:

  • Trip cancellation. Reimburses travelers for prepaid, nonrefundable expenses when you need to cancel for a covered reason.

  • Trip interruption. Reimburses the unused, nonrefundable costs if you need to return home early due to a covered reason. This benefit also covers the increased transportation costs resulting from changing your plans.

  • Emergency medical and dental. Covers the expenses of emergency medical and dental care during your trip.

  • Trip delay. Reimburses policyholders for eligible expenses when their trip is delayed for a covered reason.

  • Lost or damaged baggage. When your luggage or personal belongings are lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll receive reimbursement up to daily or coverage limits.

  • Baggage delay. Covers the reasonable cost of purchasing essential items when your bag is delayed.

  • 24-hour assistance. Speak with an agent 24 hours a day for help with medical assistance, missed flights, lost or stolen travel documents and other travel needs.

Many travel protections are included in the benefits of eligible travel credit cards. However, benefits and coverage limits vary by card. Review your credit card benefits before purchasing a travel insurance policy to ensure you’re not paying for something you already have.

What isn’t covered by JetBlue flight insurance?

It’s important to understanding what it doesn’t cover so you aren’t disappointed when making a claim. The following items are not covered under these policies:

  • The cost of refundable reservations. If you can cancel a reservation without penalty, travel insurance will not cover these costs. Other benefits apply to these reservations, such as trip delay and lost luggage. Instead of filing a claim, simply cancel the reservation to get your money back.

  • Pre-existing conditions. Travelers with pre-existing conditions are generally not covered if those pre-existing conditions result in emergency medical situations, trip cancellations or interrupted travel.

  • Losses due to known, foreseeable events. Policyholders are not covered if they proceed into a situation where there is a likely expectation of loss. For example, once a hurricane is named, and it is predicted to impact your destination.

This list does not cover all situations where JetBlue travel insurance won’t cover policyholders. For a complete list or questions about a specific situation, contact JetBlue or Allianz customer service.

JetBlue insurance cost

The cost of a JetBlue travel insurance policy can vary based on several factors. You can get a quote from the Allianz travel insurance for JetBlue page and answer a few simple questions. These questions include where you live, how much the total trip cost is, the number of travelers and your travel dates. The form also asks about your destination, but that information is optional.

Travel insurance policies only cover nonrefundable prepaid costs. Don’t include the cost of flights, hotels and other reservations that you can cancel without penalty. Otherwise, you’ll unnecessarily inflate the cost of your travel insurance premiums.

Travelers requesting a quote can also indicate whether their travel was purchased with frequent flyer or reward points. Many travel insurance policies don’t cover the cost of award reservations, so this is an important feature.

From our research, JetBlue travel insurance premiums are primarily dependent on the total cost of the trip. While the application asks other questions about who is traveling, where you live and how long you’ll be gone, those factors did not impact insurance premiums.

This chart provides examples of the cost of JetBlue travel protection policies for different types of trips, for a two person traveling party.

The maximum trip cost allowed for two people is $20,000 under a JetBlue travel insurance policy. If your total trip cost is higher than this, you’ll need to purchase your coverage directly from a travel insurance company.

Is JetBlue travel protection worth it?

Yes, a JetBlue travel insurance policy is worth it for many travelers. For a flat fee of approximately 11.5% of your trip cost, you’ll enjoy peace of mind during your trip.

These policies offer protection against trip cancellation or interruption, lost or delayed baggage, medical benefits and more. Before purchasing your policy, compare prices, benefits and coverage limits from several travel insurance companies to find the best deal.

Additionally, for those paying with a travel credit card, verify the benefits that come included with the card. Then, compare its benefits and coverage limits to JetBlue insurance to ensure that it is worth the added expense.

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