The Morning After: A cheaper Tesla, Apple's EV project

Sorry to interrupt your Saturday, but The Pokemon Company is aware it's being mocked and Apple isn't giving up on its dreams of making a car — it just might not be as impressive as first imagined. This week's YouTube-coated version of TMA covers both of those, we get sad about a moonlander that didn't really land properly and I try to name our new gaming video show. I tried. I didn't say I succeeded.

This week:

🍎🚘 The Apple car apparently still exists

🚘🤑 Elon Musk confirms a new low-cost Tesla model is coming

🍎📲 Apple details how third-party app stores and payments will work in Europe

Read this:

Wired headphones are coming back. Not in an LA-centric retro twist, but in a nerdy high-fidelity-they-actually-sound-better… way. James Trew explains how, with built-in DACs new wired headphone models make any phone Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless ready. And thus much better. If you can tell the difference. 

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